Wireless detection and alarm system

Wireless detection and alarm system for roller breakage in roller kiln, dryers and roller conveyors in general

The ROLL-BAR detection and breakage alarm system that we invented consists of a horizontal bar positioned a few millimeters from the rollers, supported by supports mounted in well-defined positions along the side of the oven where the rollers are extracted.
In 99% of cases, when a roller breaks, it rises even a few millimeters to the outermost part, just enough to touch the detection bar that raises the supports which, via a micro electric contact, activate the alarm via radio. No electric cable or control unit is added to the kilnn because our ROLL-BAR alarm system is completely WIRELESS and does not require power supply to the individual zones, but only the annual replacement of the batteries inside the transmitters positioned in each zone.

The alarm through a display indicates the exact area of ​​the kiln where one or more broken rollers have been detected, so that the operator can easily identify and resolve the anomaly. Our ROLL-BAR alarm system can also be divided into alarm zones of different and discontinuous length, and can also be integrated later.

In the case of maintenance of the rollers and therefore their extraction from the kiln, the bars can be removed and repositioned very easily when the work is finished, so as not to hinder the work of the maintenance technicians, as well as in the case of maintenance and reconstruction of the kiln. ROLL-BAR alarm system can be easily and quickly removed and repositioned on the kiln.

The extreme simplicity of the detection system means that it can also be mounted with the kiln is in operation, without causing production stoppages. It can also be mounted on all models of kilns and dryers and roller conveyors in general and can be reused on new machines. .

The control panel and the acoustic and visual alarm systems mounted in it are independent of the main electrical panel of the kiln, moreover, it is possible to have multiple displays for viewing the same alarm in areas that are even distant from each other (e.g. electrical panel and office). There will be an output from our panel which can be used to control various functions of the oven panel.

Some optional accessories allow you to send the alarm signal to a PC and keep it in memory and / or communicate with the pager system to warn the operator of the alarm wherever it is located or through a telephone dialer that automatically calls the phones of the various managers of the Department.