Machines for ceramic

We offer a wide range of machinery and plants for ceramic production.

Spare parts

Wide catalog of spare parts of all commercial types, standard and special for ceramic machines.

Technical assistance

Installation and maintenance service for ceramic production plants.


Technological solutions to improve ceramic productivity

Our experience at your service

Since 1997 our goal has been to make the best of Italian technology available to the largest number of ceramic tile manufacturers and to demonstrate that quality is always available.

G.P.SERVICE is able to offer technology at the right price:

  • Supply of spare parts of all brands
  • Complete regeneration of heads for polishing and grinding machines
  • Highly qualified technical and technological assistance for roller kiln and ceramic plants
  • Energy Saving System for roller kilns
  • Study and supply of special and customized machines
  • Lay-out for complete plant
  • Supply of used and reconditioned plants and machinery

Always present

From the project to the installation of the plants and maintenance
G.P. SERVICE offers to the ceramic companies a post-installation assistance service, as well as specialized services.

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