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Since 1997 our aim is to provide the best of Italian technology to the largest number of producers of ceramic tiles and to show that quality is affordable for everyone.
We believe that it is important for your company to have a beneficial support that deviates from the normal commercial channels , behaving as would your purchasing department .

Not only that, GP SERVICE wants to provide technology at the right price but also:

- Supply of spare parts for all brands
- Complete regeneration of machine heads for polishing and grinding machines
- Technical and technological assistance highly qualified for kiln and plants
- Energy Saving System for roller kilns
- Study and supply of specialized and personalized machines
- Lay-out for complete plants
- Supply of plant and equipment used and reconditioned

- Supply of :

-- Rubber linings for mills and technical assistance
-- Storage systems atomized and raw materials
-- Lines of complete glazing and glazing accessories
-- Dryers and roller kiln
-- Roller trolley for storage

The best form of marketing is the sincerity that , combined with experience , leads to the best result possible.

Maybe you will be fine with us.

Welcome and thank you .

G.P. Service Srl - Via Atene 17 - 41049 Sassuolo (MO) - P.IVA IT03419780360